Kids Parties

FUNventure : Choose a theme, and one of the characters from our crazy crew of FUN will train up the kids to be the best around – just like them! Learn the character’s unique skills through games and FUN activities! Once fully trained they’ll go on an imaginative, storytelling adventure where the kids have to help solve the character’s BIG problem!

These parties are narrative based and the games and
activities help the story to progress.

  • Training game
  • Arts and crafts to make themed prop
  • Game on how to use what they made
  • Imaginative, interactive storytelling adventure
  • Game to complete the mission
  • Celebratory game (if time).
FUNquest : The FUN-o-meter’s running low and the FUNgineers need help to crank up the FUN again!
A series of games, tasks, challenges and activities. Unrelated to each other but can be themed to the overall party theme. The FUN-o-meter gives the challenges, the kids do the rest! We tailor the party to suit the birthday kids interests, party theme (if there is one) and age group. We ensure a good variety of games, these can include:
  • Group games – something they play all together
  • Team challenges – something they play against each other.
  • Quick fire trivia – 5 FUN, simple, interactive questions.
  • Arts&crafts – a short simple craft tailored to your party.
  • Physical challenges – to burn energy for active kids And much more.
Mystrey : All the FUN of a Murder Mystery party – without the murder!
Find clues, investigate evidence and, through games & puzzles,work out who committed the crime – WHODUNNIT?!
FUNhunt : Our unique FUNhunt experiences get teams of players really working together on their hunt for FUN!! FUN tasks and challenges are delivered, via sound bites on WhatsApp, to lead teams around the chosen area.
The aim is to get to the end point but creativity also earns points, so the first team to arrive aren’t always the winners!! We can also combine details of a theme or special celebration!
Theme Parties : Our popular unique theme party include
Pirate and Mermaids : Come and train, with Mimi the Mermaid or, Captain Gan Green the Pirate to be FUNtastic seafarer’s, just like them! Mimi and Captain Gan Green are best friends and can even come and train together at your little one’s special celebration! They’ll take the kids on a FUN filled, magical, imaginative adventure! Trainees will learn all about the Secrets of the Sea and they get to make their own map! They’ll play games to outwit crocodiles and help to find the missing treasure -if they find it there might even be a little treasure for them to keep!