Meet the Team – Interview 1 (Murder on the Dance Floor Character)


Better By Miles Events are hosting their ‘Costumes and Cocktails’ party on Monday night and we thought there’s no better time than to do a quick ‘meet the team’ interview with our events team! We’ll be posting one interview everyday in the lead up to Halloween so keep your eyes peeled.

We’re kicking off with none other than the hostess with the mostess, party planner extraordinairre…we won’t spoil it, read on for more!

Question: Name ?

Norma: Norma Davenport

Question: Where are you from?

Norma: I was born in England. Then when I was still young Daddy was moved to Ireland, for work, so that’s where I grew up. But we’ve been in Hong Kong, ohhh…about 17 years now.

Question: What you brought you to Hong Kong?

Norma: Oh I was about 17, yes, 17, we moved just before my 18th birthday. Imagine your 18th birthday party having just moved and not really knowing anyone! Well Daddy invited all his work friends and their children who were around my age and we hired out…oh… *giggles* Sorry what was the question? Oh, yes. Daddy got a transfer in his job and was sent to Hong Kong so we all moved out here!

Question: Any romance in your life?

Norma: Nope, no-one at the moment. I like being wined and dined and treated like a Princess but can’t really be bothered with the whole relationship thing so tend to keep things cool. I hate it when guys want to get serious, it really puts me off.

Question: What’s your role at Better by Miles Events?

Norma: I’m the Event Manager. The thing that I really like about my job is interacting with the guests at the event. I often compere the event or am at least there to chat with guests and give them an extra sense of luxury by just being around! It’s great fun, it often doesn’t even feel like work.

Question: How long have you worked for Miles Better Events?

Norma: Just over two years. Before that I was working as a freelance English tutor. Daddy managed to make some connections for me with his work colleagues whose children needed extra tutoring – honestly most of them spoke English as well as I do but if they want to spend their money on that, why would I stop them?!

Question: What’s your favourite colour?

Norma: Gold. No question – the more glittery the better!

Question: What do you do in your spare time?

Norma: Lunch with Mummy and sometimes friends. Afternoon tea, champagne, shopping – perfect combination! When I get a few days off work together Mummy and I will often take a break at a spa resort somewhere for a couple of nights, somewhere close by like Thailand or something. I love being pampered.

Question: Anything else to say to your party guests?

Norma: Can’t wait for you to see me!!


Lizzi Wood-Vashishtha
Lizzi Wood-Vashishtha
Lizzi Wood-Vashishtha, is a heart-centered ladypreneur and founded Glitter and Gore in 2016. A professional performer from the UK, Lizzi has over 17 years of international entertainment experience – singing, dancing, acting and performing. When she’s not performing, Lizzi goes behind the scenes, managing Glitter and Gore, creating FUN experiences for kids, families, adults and companies as well as training the performers. Combining her passion and experience on and off-stage, she introduces unique theatre elements to the Glitter and Gore FUNtertainment services, generating wow-worthy, memorable experiences to the Hong Kong community.

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