Ever wondered what an Elf does in their spare time…

…well wonder no more!! Last weekend Santa’s Head Elf, Doink, ventured out of the Secret Kingdom in Quarry Bay and went exploring in her local neighbourhood.

Doink was so happy that she made lots of new friends and got to try some delicious gingerbread Quistmas QUOokies from her new friends at QUO.hk! She also found her favourite food, which she was very excited about – watch the video to find out what it is!  Do you recognise any of the places she visited on Hong Kong Island?

Don’t forget, if your family is on the nice list, you can meet Doink and the rest of her Elf friends at Santa’s Secret Kingdom by training to be Elfers (Elf Helpers) this December! Get your tickets now for a magical Christmas experience that your family will be talking about for years to come. Early Elfer (Early Bird) tickets end this week – get $125 off only until Sunday 20th November! For more information and to buy tickets visit our Eventbrite page here

Lizzi Wood-Vashishtha
Lizzi Wood-Vashishtha
Lizzi Wood-Vashishtha, is a heart-centered ladypreneur and founded Glitter and Gore in 2016. A professional performer from the UK, Lizzi has over 17 years of international entertainment experience – singing, dancing, acting and performing. When she’s not performing, Lizzi goes behind the scenes, managing Glitter and Gore, creating FUN experiences for kids, families, adults and companies as well as training the performers. Combining her passion and experience on and off-stage, she introduces unique theatre elements to the Glitter and Gore FUNtertainment services, generating wow-worthy, memorable experiences to the Hong Kong community.

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