5 FUNtastic reasons why reading is awesome (and not just for kids!)

Today is ‘Read a Book Day’ so no better time to look at why reading is so awesome! We often talk or hear about the importance of kids reading but, actually, reading is just as important for adults….here’s 5 reasons why!


  1. It helps us to relax and de-stress


Why do we read kids stories at bedtime? Because it helps to relax the mind into a peaceful sleep. It’s a way of escaping the stresses of the day, like when Mum gave you the blue crayon when you wanted the green one!



It’s the same for adults. Reading, at any time of the day, helps you to focus your mind somewhere outside of the stress of life. It’s escapism at its finest!


  1. It keeps our imaginations growing

Kid’s stories are full of fantastical characters and magical adventures, giving imaginations creativity and freedom to grow! Kids play imaginative make believe and role play games – because they’re encouraged to.

But something happensaround young adulthood and we lose our sense of imagination. Later imagination is re-introduced, labelled as ‘creative thinking’ or ‘thinking outside the box’.

By continuing to read you’re allowing your creativity and imagination freedom – without having to ask your friends to play shopkeepers with you.


The Mad Hatter from Lewis Carrol’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ A British classic and firm Glitter and Gore fave!

  1. It builds our vocabulary and knowledge


‘First book of…’, from ABC’s to animals, there’s all sorts of books to encourage kids to speak and to help them learn new words. Same goes for adults. The more we read the more we learn – and retain.


  1. It builds self awareness and empathy

Lots of kids stories have morals and lessons to learn which help to shape their sense of right and wrong and how to treat others. But it doesn’t stop there. As we get older and we continue to read, the plot, characters and relationships often become more complex – whether it’s fiction or not.

We question ourselves ‘what would I do if…’? Putting ourselves in those same situations. It challenges our understanding of ourselves, the world, our place within it and how we relate to others.

  1. It’s entertaining!

Kids enjoy books and stories because they’re FUN! As we get older our tastes might change and we might find ourselves wanting to read non-fiction books, screen plays or magazines – as long as you enjoy what you read it doesn’t matter!

We all deserve some ‘me time’ and if that’s picking up a book then bloomin’ well go for it!!

Lizzi Wood-Vashishtha
Lizzi Wood-Vashishtha
Lizzi Wood-Vashishtha, is a heart-centered ladypreneur and founded Glitter and Gore in 2016. A professional performer from the UK, Lizzi has over 17 years of international entertainment experience – singing, dancing, acting and performing. When she’s not performing, Lizzi goes behind the scenes, managing Glitter and Gore, creating FUN experiences for kids, families, adults and companies as well as training the performers. Combining her passion and experience on and off-stage, she introduces unique theatre elements to the Glitter and Gore FUNtertainment services, generating wow-worthy, memorable experiences to the Hong Kong community.

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