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About Us

Glitter and Gore is a Hong Kong based Entertainment Company offering a new and exciting style of entertainment and events – created to be remembered forever.

Hong Kong is a city where everyone is always seemingly strapped for time. We want to ensure people spend their time wisely creating unforgettable, stand out memories, with friends, family and loved ones or for your customers, to be talked about forever.

We’ll immerse guests into a magical, new world with our imaginative themes and scripts and our creative settings. Our multi-sensory experiences will submerge guests further into their new surroundings with tailor made scents, tastes and sounds leaving no-one able to resist the urge to get involved and hands on!

With events for all ages there’s something for everyone, whether it’s a Pirate Mission or Hobbit and Fairy Journey for the little ones, a Murder Mystery or themed dinner show for the adults, or our very exciting, no glitter spared, tinsel wrapped, gingerbread scented, Elf saturated, fully interactive, Christmas Kingdom adventure for all the family! (But shhhh!! That one’s a secret!)

Perhaps you already have your event set up and need some entertainment? Or you’ve got an idea but no idea how to turn it into a reality? Whether you need assistance with finishing touches or getting started, Glitter and Gore can offer fun and interactive entertainment and events to stand out from the rest. Get in contact and we’ll work with you, to develop a living, breathing monster of a memorable experience!

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Professional & Experienced. The Halloween Party was terrifying! So scary!
David .T
Thank you for organising such an amazing event. All our kids had a lot of fun, and it was truly magical…. Truly the best Christmas experience in Hong Kong ever!
Overall it was fun and everybody enjoyed it. The elves did a fine job and Santa was a good sport.
We all had a great time and the kids loved it. It was so nice to see them all so excited.
I was concerned at the beginning that Katia would be discouraged to participate since she was by far the oldest child in the group, however she surprisingly took the play and was very active which again proves it was great. From kids perspective Gingerbread man decorating and meet the Santa were the best parts, along with crazy “snowball” fight at the very end on the balcony.